Monday, December 20, 2010

It Christmas time

Hanging out the Mistletoe soon..
And singing....

Just love this No. from Sixpence None the Richer..:D

I was born on Christmas day so the extra celebrations here, friends!!! :D

Friday, November 12, 2010

Party time again!

A big HELLO to all those who missed me (..I really hope you'll did miss me )..;)
Well I missed you'll tons too.
Unlike the book that preaches the Mars & Venus traits, I the Venus had gone into a cave...
Reasons I don't wish to revisit..
BUT now that I am back guys I'd like to share how I made this come-back!!!
I lost a few Kgs and gained a bit of confidence...YeeeHaw!!!!

but then it was Diwali and my bestest pal's wedding too,
So we hogged on goodies at the best of places and  partied the nights away.
And now I think I have put on more than I'd lost!!!  :(

Anyhooo heres what the party animal was prowling in at one occassion last weekend..

What I was wearing:
Animal Print Silk Dress- Hong Kong
Watch: Louis Vuitton
Black Belt: Aldo
Black Leggings: Clover Centre, M.G.Road, Camp, Pune
Brown Booties: Ginger

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The little world of fashion!

Your style is basically WHAT YOU choose to wear, HOW you wear it or carry it.
BUT I have yet another mode of expressing my fashion sense now.
My 21 month old son !
Though I could have got more creative if this new canvas was a girl
 but believe me it is one big task to get him to dress up, even in the basic jeans and tee. :))
Anyways this may not be a fashion post exactly, I warn you..
My model has posed for my camera and those very rare moments I would like to present before you...:D
 ( Please pardon this urge of mine to flaunt my naughty tyke )

At 18 months he's already modeling for a mock car show! ;)

This was his 14 month old avatar, my hip-hop star! :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dot your Eyes and Cross your Hearts

As a tiny tot we were reminded time and again " DOT your 'I's and Cross your 'T's" weren't we?
Even then the words 'DOT' and 'CROSS' made a completely different meaning in my head.
I just loved the Polka dotted dress waiting for me at home while I sat in class in that same boring uniform everyday of school. CROSS my heart I have loved Polka Dots all my life..:D
I have a perfectly darling Black and White Polka dotted off shoulder little dress waiting in my cupboard..Its waiting for me to fit back into it..SIGH!
It will take some time for me to shed this post-baby bulge and reclaim that hour glass figure to sport such a lovely dress..BUT I REFUSE to give it away! :|
What say guys? I will fit right back into it some day, right?
Until then I will 'EYE' other polka dotted dresses and the hot bod's wearing them..

What She's Wearing : 
Chiffon polka Dotted Off Shoulder Dress- Gifted ;) (You lucky girl!)
Matt Golden Peep-Toes- Bandra
Lapel Vest- Paris

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lady in Red

To many ' Lady in Red' is that famous Chris De Burg song...
For others 'Lady In Red' is Julia Roberts
To some Lady in Red may also bring that cartoon character in mind...
But recently I conferred this title on one of my dearest gal pals..
You have met her as Ms. Inky Pink...
but she makes Red work as beautifully too, rather gorgeously!

It doesnt have to be an expensive dress to make RED work....

To beat the October heat she has dressed up in a simple off-to-GOA look for you....


And you cant miss the well-styled hair and eye make-up again! :D

the Lady is wearing : Red Vest- Just Casuals
                                Khaki Skirt- M.G.Road, Camp, Pune
                                Hair-Clips- Iran
                                Plastic Beads Necklace & earrings: Iran
                                Ankle-Strap Flats- Clover Centre, Camp, Pune
                                Handbag- Mahabaleshwar Market

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fashion 2010 inspired

I've been experimenting with my wardrobe a lot over the past few months. And like a confirmation to continue doing that, a couple of fashion students caught up with me at Koregaon Park. I soon realised they were complimenting me on my style and then requested me if I could answer a few of their questions as regards the fresh fashion trends.
This doesn;t happen to me everyday so I was mighty pleased with myself and flattered too..hehehehe :))

Now my confidence about the experimental look i was wearing that day has risen a notch higher and so I am about to share it with you...

Inspiration: Adam Lippes Design for Adam Fall fashion 2010

High waisted Jodhpur pants. Ofcourse it looked a whole lot different on me.

I am wearing  Black button front high waist Jodhpur pants: M.G.Road, Camp, Pune.
 Purple Body fit Lycra top:  GANT, Mumbai
Golden Metal wristlets: thrifted- Crawford Market, Mumbai
Purple earrings & Black bead necklace: thrifted - F.C.Road, Pune

By day I chose to wear this outfit with Oshos

                        And thought I could sport the look for a casual Friday evening Dinner
                        with this pair of Marie Claire Flat Pumps.

Please ignore my ugly feet!!!

Now its for you, my fashionista friends to tell me if this look


PS: The Marble Floor effect is handmade oil colour print on paper by ME..:D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Pink

Here's a cute little friend I have who aspires to be a top Bollywood actress some day....
She may not be a native Indian but her heart belongs here and how?!
Mention Bollywood and she can show you some dance moves that even our divas will be stupefied..
And I am not exaggerating...
Here's the baby in her favourite colour PINK...:)

                                                   Pink & White can never go wrong can it?

   I've always believed the sweet innocence and naivety within shows through one's eyes. What do you think?
Simplicity can go a long way some times. She made the simple school girl look work didn't she?
She wore a 'Just Casuals' whit shirt with a Baby Pink knee length skirt and Converse. A dash of pink accessories and she was good to go...:D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleepy Stripes

Yesterday my gal pal and I set off on a shopping spree again..
And on the way was this luscious green garden that we couldn't resist ...
SO we went off on a stroll here to shake off the SLEEPY feeling after a tummy full of yummy food.

It had just rained and the earth was wet, the leaves greener and the skies in beautiful hues...
Looks like I'm wearing all the colours of the bright blue sky..:D


My gal pal has done a wonderful job from behind the cam.

And look who stopped by to smell the flowers?





 Here Ive not had enough of myself..
So she has to click some more..:))

I was wearing:
  • Striped Tee- Flicked from hubby's closet, 
  • Disco Bangles- F.C.Road,
  • Plastic finger ring and earrings- thrifted, 
  • Handbag- Clover Centre, M.G. Road, Camp, Pune
  • Flat Peep-toes- Sagar Arcade, F.C. Road, Pune
  • Smile brought on my face by my lil son..:D See?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Smoky Eyes

I have some thing to confess.
When it comes to make-up I score a big Zero.
However I do love Kohls and eye-liners.
I feel naked without earrings and the same goes for my eyes.
Without the liner and kajal I can never step out.

At the behest of a fellow blogger and follower I decided to bring something to this blog that would be helpful in grooming myself a little bit more too- A small little lesson in make-up. I just love this trend of eye make-up that  is doing the rounds. Smoky Eyes!

oooo how it makes those beautiful eyes look seductive. A whole new personality surfaces...
So here goes Rose aka Ms. Inky Pink  tells us how this is done.
She works with a very basic professional eye make-up set from Kuwait.
But you may find many lovely ones with Chambor / Maybelline she says.

Step 1. : You need a Mettalic Eye Shadows Pallet and an applicator.

Step 2 & 3: You will need to cover the eye lid and the area under the eyebrow with a base of the metallic white you see in the left top corner of the pallet. 
Then only the top of the eyelid gets a coat of the lightest shade of silver on the pallet ( Top right corner) And the eye will look like this..

Step 4: Then proceed to apply the darker shade of silver on the eye-lid (Centre of the vertical row of silvers in the right hand corner of the eye make-up set)
Moving the applicator from the inside corner of the eye to the outside in smooth strokes but stop in the middle of the eye. Like this..

 We are trying to achieve a gradation of shades from dark to light metallic silver beginning from the inner corner of the eye-lid to the outer corner.

Step 5:   Then take the darkest charcoal silver shade on your applicator and apply it on the inner corner of the eye-lid with smooth but short strokes. Like this..


Now we are almost done. She has taught me the simplest method of achieving the smoky eyed look.

Step 6: Give the finishing touches with a wet waterproof eye-liner . Trace the shape of your eye on the upper eye-lid and from the outside on the lower eye-lid and it will look like this...

Step 7: She shapes the brow with a black Givenchi kajal pencil to enhance the smoky look and to refine the shape.

And our model Riya Alizadeh looks like this..

Wearing a day eye make-up  done in a similar style but working with lighter shades Riya looked like this....

She is pretty, isn't she?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Award acceptance speech! ;)

Dear Fashion-holic & Foody friends,
Today is a new level of happiness for me. Though its been only very few posts spread over a span of time but posted with great patience over here, my reasons-for- living are being recognised as legitimate. There is someone who has been able to relate to it and has listed me as worthy of reciept of not one but two blog awards straight away!
It is time fo rme to exult...Yayyyyy!
I am guilty of having always treated this blog like a foster child. It was originally only a personal sounding board and hadn't shaped up in character and content until only recently when I discovered I could utilise it to express my passion for fashion. Am greatful to all of you that I havent recieved brickbats but only generous words of praise for my silly escapades.
I am especially thankful to Upasana of 'The It Fashion' for bestowing these laurels on me.
I had been waiting for a long time now for that ONE signal that could tell me that I am to continue blogging here! And I recieved TWO...
And here they are...

 I accept them with a bow!!!!!
And since I cant be selfish and keep them all to myself I pass these on to




& Dusk

They are more deserving than I am, in fact! :D

Friday, August 27, 2010

My WISHlist Fall 2010..:))

The new fashion season is being heralded the world over..
And almost every third fashion blog seems to be talking about it..
And now the fashion bug has got to me too.
I was oggling some exquisite pieces online and on T.V.  That's when I decided it was time again to make a fresh new wishlist..
Maybe the lord above will read this 'LUCK by CHANCE' and grant me these small little goodies for all the good deeds that I do..hehehhe

The Hugo Boss Black Women's Fall Collection 2010 have brought out great outfits with structured cuts. And there are 2 looks I've really fallen for.

Take the cue here, soft, flowy and subtle prints teamed with structured cuts looks super fab!
I'm still drooling over that belt..

These seem very wearable and can make even the most drab girl next door begin to look like a diva. They are easily achievable looks too sans the gloves in India ofcourse..:) !

I was watching Fashion T.V. just last night and I went head over heels over this Roberto Cavalli dress from the Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2010 collection showcase...

And this Jumpsuit, my heart beats wildly for...
It looks so comfy and it has got attitude..It's just so grrrrr!!
Maybe I wouldn't clutter the look with so many scarves and accessories.. :D and still manage to look fine in it..:)
Absolutely gaga over these Patanella Booties from Aldo's Fall 2010 offerings..SInce I am a 'flats' person.
This Prada Bag from its 2010 Fall range is THE bag I now dream of. Even if i could lay my hand on a look alike, NOW ....

These are the toppers on MY wishlist but that doesn't mean I dint like the rest.
 If you are planning to gift me ANY of these or even the rest, they are more than welcome too! hehehhe...:D