Friday, August 27, 2010

My WISHlist Fall 2010..:))

The new fashion season is being heralded the world over..
And almost every third fashion blog seems to be talking about it..
And now the fashion bug has got to me too.
I was oggling some exquisite pieces online and on T.V.  That's when I decided it was time again to make a fresh new wishlist..
Maybe the lord above will read this 'LUCK by CHANCE' and grant me these small little goodies for all the good deeds that I do..hehehhe

The Hugo Boss Black Women's Fall Collection 2010 have brought out great outfits with structured cuts. And there are 2 looks I've really fallen for.

Take the cue here, soft, flowy and subtle prints teamed with structured cuts looks super fab!
I'm still drooling over that belt..

These seem very wearable and can make even the most drab girl next door begin to look like a diva. They are easily achievable looks too sans the gloves in India ofcourse..:) !

I was watching Fashion T.V. just last night and I went head over heels over this Roberto Cavalli dress from the Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2010 collection showcase...

And this Jumpsuit, my heart beats wildly for...
It looks so comfy and it has got attitude..It's just so grrrrr!!
Maybe I wouldn't clutter the look with so many scarves and accessories.. :D and still manage to look fine in it..:)
Absolutely gaga over these Patanella Booties from Aldo's Fall 2010 offerings..SInce I am a 'flats' person.
This Prada Bag from its 2010 Fall range is THE bag I now dream of. Even if i could lay my hand on a look alike, NOW ....

These are the toppers on MY wishlist but that doesn't mean I dint like the rest.
 If you are planning to gift me ANY of these or even the rest, they are more than welcome too! hehehhe...:D 


Jidhu Jose said...

Wish u all the best

Tanvi said...

Hahah You are so funny. I wonder if wish-list do come true, unless it is Christmas of course?! :)

P.S. I had run out of olives at home else they wld have definitely gone on top and yes, there was cheese beneath the tomatoes ;) Haaha ... also THANK YOU for your kinds words ... you are tooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

Lovely fashions.Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.Namaste!

Anonymous said...

Loved the first one.. brilliant skirt.. kyaa cuts hai..
Merko bhi chahiye :(
Second mein I loved the jacket :D
It looks soooo cozy and sexy ;)
Yep agree on the boots :D the bag is splendiferous :D
All of them except the jump suit and the cavalli dress goes into my wishlist too :P
awesome post as always vibzyyy..
i need to take fashion tips from you now :)

the first tip i want is the smoky eyes look :D
pls gimme a post on that .. :D pls pls pls

UB said...

The 1st outfit is soooo cool!! Fashion for fall 2010 is definitely out but whether I'll be lucky to get my hands on a few things that I've liked so far still remains a mystery.
But loved the collection you came out with...I exactly know what to look for when I go shopping :D

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love the multi-tiered skirt and the drapey top in the first pic..BUT I am not ready for fall!! still have some some summery stuff to wear:-)

style'n said...

wow look at these gorgeous outfits! I love that first one. great selections and happy shopping :)

Dusk said...

Love the Cavalli dress and jumpsuit!... can definitely see you in that jumpsuit!!

CC said...

The Hugo belt is gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

aaaaaahh now u made that wild shopaholic--lil -sleepy who !!was!! now fully alert like wit special antennae!
aaahhh i want all of that NOW!

Anonymous said...


UB said...

Hi! I've passed on two blog awards to you. Do check them out in this post.


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