Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The little world of fashion!

Your style is basically WHAT YOU choose to wear, HOW you wear it or carry it.
BUT I have yet another mode of expressing my fashion sense now.
My 21 month old son !
Though I could have got more creative if this new canvas was a girl
 but believe me it is one big task to get him to dress up, even in the basic jeans and tee. :))
Anyways this may not be a fashion post exactly, I warn you..
My model has posed for my camera and those very rare moments I would like to present before you...:D
 ( Please pardon this urge of mine to flaunt my naughty tyke )

At 18 months he's already modeling for a mock car show! ;)

This was his 14 month old avatar, my hip-hop star! :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dot your Eyes and Cross your Hearts

As a tiny tot we were reminded time and again " DOT your 'I's and Cross your 'T's" weren't we?
Even then the words 'DOT' and 'CROSS' made a completely different meaning in my head.
I just loved the Polka dotted dress waiting for me at home while I sat in class in that same boring uniform everyday of school. CROSS my heart I have loved Polka Dots all my life..:D
I have a perfectly darling Black and White Polka dotted off shoulder little dress waiting in my cupboard..Its waiting for me to fit back into it..SIGH!
It will take some time for me to shed this post-baby bulge and reclaim that hour glass figure to sport such a lovely dress..BUT I REFUSE to give it away! :|
What say guys? I will fit right back into it some day, right?
Until then I will 'EYE' other polka dotted dresses and the hot bod's wearing them..

What She's Wearing : 
Chiffon polka Dotted Off Shoulder Dress- Gifted ;) (You lucky girl!)
Matt Golden Peep-Toes- Bandra
Lapel Vest- Paris