Saturday, November 1, 2008


Read an  article in the October 2008 Reader's Digest that has just renewed my license of possessing THE sweet tooth. It clearly states 'Chocolates as Medicines..' with evidence.

Chocolates can lower blood pressure.

The antioxidant effect of dark chocolates cured people of mild hypertension. Why, yes!! I've experienced that myself. I'm clueless whether I can categorise my condition as hypertension but chocolates have never failed to soothe my frayed senses. In those worrisome blues, in those moments of heightened anxiety, during those nail-biting, brain- wracking waiting hours it's the only thing I need- one of those wonderful, attractive, foil-wrapped, gooey centred, melt-in-the-mouth pieces of heaven! And there I am floating away to another world, for that luscious moment of careless drifting, wherethere's goodness and only sweet nothingness. That's when I care the least what that succulent dark piece of that wondrous blessing called chocolate might do to my sole set of teeth that have to last me this lifetime!

Chocolates can help burn fat.

Now that is what I call a bonus. Wow! I get to gorge on them and also lose some flab? Chocolate lovers who feast on those treats are in better health than their counterparts who don't like them say the docs at Imperial Colg., London and Nestle'. Chocolates help process fatty food better and lower LDL Cholestrol. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Bottom Line: I can INDULGE!!!

P.S. - Too much of something is bad enough!