Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snippets from the past

Its been raining Cats & Dogs and I haven't been going out a lot. That makes me miss the fun part of dressing up. Especially because there's a whole lot of nice new stuff waiting for me in my closet..hehehehe And I can't possibly dare to pull them out when its pouring like this..:(
Now that its cloudy and gray here I am missing those sunny days from the recent past. I did manage to shed some flab (though some of my critics still want to me lose some more..boohoo!!! ) and had a ravishing time in GOA..
So to keep me from moping all the more I have decided to share some snippets of those days here, that may just make me smile again...

And thats my son's mop of hair near my feet in the last pic'. Am pointing out even if you haven't noticed yet..hahahha...I had 7 glorious days and nights of dressing up and frolicking with the girls. I sadly do not have pics of all of them..:(
Sigh!!! Waiting for more...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger! :D

Mucho Gracias Sneha Sharma for showering my blog with such a covetous blogger award.
Just when I was looking for some signs of approval to appear from somewhere, there it was..
Your sweet message. And Lo! Behold, you'd thrown this dazzler into my kitty..:D

Who wouldn't want to flaunt this title on his/ her lapel? And since this is a Pass-on-the-love token, I have a list of my very own favourite bloggers:-
Smrithi Rao, Dusk,  Prutha, TanviiNaina
Thes fashionistas are way above my league for me to confer an award on them but I have no other way to express how much I adore them, their style and their spunk...:D
So girls hope you'll like this token of adulation from ME to You'll..

This also entails that I list out 7 random things about me. For those who wish to know read on..
For those who don't skip on..;)

1. I have a fettish for big, chandelier earrings and huge, chunky bangles. I feel naked without them.
2.I am a big believer in Numerology and astrology.
3.Silly as it may sound, it is my dream to own a black horse some day!
4. I have gone through phases in my life when I have had a strong affinity for a particular colour.
You would find clothes and what not's hoarded in only that colour during that phase of my life.
The current muse is Purple..:D
5. I dread the idea of my loved ones going away. Distance kills me. I sit moping for a long while after.
6. I just love the beaches. My mother dint let me go for swimming lessons or I would have been a complete water baby! :(
7. Its my dream to be an accomplished writer some day. :D

Wish me luck!
Love and Hugs

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger's Blues

Yes, I accept I have the blogger's BLUEs. I am fighting it. I am trying to bring myself back to posting regularly but I just haven't been able to. Please don't ask me WHY? I was more regular at writing stories and poems over at Klishmaklaver but even that is terribly deficient in this New Year...But refuse to succumb to the circumstances and give up on this passion that brought me some accolades in the last year...

Heres an attempt at pumping some life back into this deprived blog and renewing my belief in myself once again..

IN blue to fight the Blues...:D

Turquoise Blue Churidar Kurti: BIBA,
Turquoise set in Silver earrings: Vintage
Silver thin entwined bangles: Thrifted
Silver ballet flats: Catwalk