Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snippets from the past

Its been raining Cats & Dogs and I haven't been going out a lot. That makes me miss the fun part of dressing up. Especially because there's a whole lot of nice new stuff waiting for me in my closet..hehehehe And I can't possibly dare to pull them out when its pouring like this..:(
Now that its cloudy and gray here I am missing those sunny days from the recent past. I did manage to shed some flab (though some of my critics still want to me lose some more..boohoo!!! ) and had a ravishing time in GOA..
So to keep me from moping all the more I have decided to share some snippets of those days here, that may just make me smile again...

And thats my son's mop of hair near my feet in the last pic'. Am pointing out even if you haven't noticed yet..hahahha...I had 7 glorious days and nights of dressing up and frolicking with the girls. I sadly do not have pics of all of them..:(
Sigh!!! Waiting for more...


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