Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger! :D

Mucho Gracias Sneha Sharma for showering my blog with such a covetous blogger award.
Just when I was looking for some signs of approval to appear from somewhere, there it was..
Your sweet message. And Lo! Behold, you'd thrown this dazzler into my kitty..:D

Who wouldn't want to flaunt this title on his/ her lapel? And since this is a Pass-on-the-love token, I have a list of my very own favourite bloggers:-
Smrithi Rao, Dusk,  Prutha, TanviiNaina
Thes fashionistas are way above my league for me to confer an award on them but I have no other way to express how much I adore them, their style and their spunk...:D
So girls hope you'll like this token of adulation from ME to You'll..

This also entails that I list out 7 random things about me. For those who wish to know read on..
For those who don't skip on..;)

1. I have a fettish for big, chandelier earrings and huge, chunky bangles. I feel naked without them.
2.I am a big believer in Numerology and astrology.
3.Silly as it may sound, it is my dream to own a black horse some day!
4. I have gone through phases in my life when I have had a strong affinity for a particular colour.
You would find clothes and what not's hoarded in only that colour during that phase of my life.
The current muse is Purple..:D
5. I dread the idea of my loved ones going away. Distance kills me. I sit moping for a long while after.
6. I just love the beaches. My mother dint let me go for swimming lessons or I would have been a complete water baby! :(
7. Its my dream to be an accomplished writer some day. :D

Wish me luck!
Love and Hugs


Dusk said...

Excuse me?????????

"way above" whose league?????????????

You my darling gorgeous Vibz are one of the coolest, spunkiest, most loveliest women out there... and Woman... you can write like no ones business, therefore you are already an accomplished writer... you are fun, gorgeous and full of vibrant life...I am privileged to 'know' you.

And Congratulations on your award!!! I love getting to know more about you!
...thank you for passing it on to me hon.

Vibhuti said...

Awwww Dusk...These words are what I can come back to everytime I feel low...Thankyou so much for such a beautiful and generous gift. Its your goodness that you can see so much good in me..:D
mwahs n hugs...

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