Friday, November 12, 2010

Party time again!

A big HELLO to all those who missed me (..I really hope you'll did miss me )..;)
Well I missed you'll tons too.
Unlike the book that preaches the Mars & Venus traits, I the Venus had gone into a cave...
Reasons I don't wish to revisit..
BUT now that I am back guys I'd like to share how I made this come-back!!!
I lost a few Kgs and gained a bit of confidence...YeeeHaw!!!!

but then it was Diwali and my bestest pal's wedding too,
So we hogged on goodies at the best of places and  partied the nights away.
And now I think I have put on more than I'd lost!!!  :(

Anyhooo heres what the party animal was prowling in at one occassion last weekend..

What I was wearing:
Animal Print Silk Dress- Hong Kong
Watch: Louis Vuitton
Black Belt: Aldo
Black Leggings: Clover Centre, M.G.Road, Camp, Pune
Brown Booties: Ginger