Monday, October 26, 2009

How to be a Yummy Mummy

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What you see here is a  Bat wing sleeve dress by Chanel.
I'm absolutely in love with this pattern. A fantastic design to hide that extra ugly flab, in style.
I was wishing  I could get hold of one of these to veil my newly acquired tire around the tummy.
That's when I could not believe my eyes when I spotted a similar mint green dress at a  nearby boutique.

It was almost like I leaped forward, towards the only piece that hung on the rack, tried it on and immediately made it mine. :)
Believe me, it did help me make a style statement, even with the extra chub I now sport.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi-Fashion capers

Like a barbie is to a baby girl, we grown-up ladies think about those gorgeous bags, clothes, watches, boots, earrings and what nots, all the time!

Luxury items from international brands are a wholesome part of every girls dreams. The more intently a gal spins through the pages of those glossy Mags' laden with enigmatic pictures of chic women, resplendent in the world's finest garments and accessories, the more she dreams!

And I was one such gal who devoured the Indian & international fashion and movie magazines. Only dreams were made of stuff like this for me. Big brands with bigger price tags could only burn a hole in my pocket, so deep. I shunned,even the idea of giving a second glance to those black, shiny, perfect pair of Guess suede ankle boots, when they actually appeared on the Indian shelves in our city. 

You know, however, marriage can do a whole lot of good and bad to you. What happened to me was transformation! The good about it was that I was taught how to splurge on myself ignoring the price tag. And the bad was instead of getting B off his addiction I got hooked onto the band wagon too. It was absolutely addictive how he could coolly go and pick up something off the shelf just because he liked it. (Not that we haven't gone through the lean, cashless patch in life when we had to curb all such pathetic shopping itches!) 

I can however never compete with B's style of shopping. I just take a quick from-the-corner-of -my -eye sneak peek at the price tag and then decide whether I love the piece or not. So MOST of the times I land up moving through the entire store without putting my finger down on anything. Sheesh!!

Then B marches up and decides for me.

So some of the decisions he made for me are now my priced possessions.

B has always been hugely crazy about 'Eau de Parfum' so after running out of  Hugo Woman I now revel in the very spicy, musk like, californian cedarwood fragrant Hugo Deep red!

Chopard's latest, limited edition Wish Pink Diamond is supposedly yet to be launched in Asian duty free but I had recieved it as a wedding anniversary gift from B in March' 2009. B had asked his friend who was about to fly down from Dubai to join us in Goa, to fetch it for him. Wish Pink Diamond Perfume by Chopard, is a superb fruity perfume composed of tangerine, pear, rose, acanthus, apricot,
freesia, amber, sandalwood, and musk. Ooooo I just love it!

At the mention of pink, how can i forget to mention how happy I am with my latest acquisition?

My Adidas Bloom Pink lycra yoga pants. They are oh so comfy! The absolutely perfect pair to wear through my workout session. (I think he's bought it with a purpose to egg me on to more regular yoga sessions. LOL)  

On his last Europe trip in August he picked up this handsome Louis Vuitton Brown Leather wrist watch for me. It has this intricately designed brown dial with the trademark flowers on its face.
I'm also extremely proud of this photograph that I have managed to click of my first Louis Vuitton piece! Check out its Vintage look. Isn't it truly absolutely adorable. Just this small little expensive piece on my person can make me feel like a fashionista. 

No wonder those celebrities that flaunt those brands look and must feel like a million bucks! 

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Milkshake of India: LASSI

How to make Sweet Lassi:
Put 500 ml Curd, 250 ml Water,4 tbsp Sugar and Crushed Ice into the blender. Blend til the mixture gives a thick froth.
Pour the Sweet Lassi into tall glasses and it's ready to serve.
Flavored Lassi with rosewater or lemon, mango, strawberry are also a big hit.
Perfect coolers for the hot Indian weather.
(Particularly my favourite)
Lassi trivia: (courtesy wikipedia)
A drink in Turkey also made with yoghurt and water and similar in taste is called 'Ayran'.
In Iran its called 'Doogh'.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Mother's Day...

Thought this could be useful for mums-to-be or new mommas because I found it a terribly useful and interesting way to make a home-made less leaky nappy for my tiny tot. So here goes.. Step by step instructions to making one on your own..3 cheers to mommahood..And many thanks to my neighbour 'grey haired know-it-all' granny from whom I got this fantabulous tip!

Step 1: Fold a 24" X 24" white nappy cloth into a perfect square by matching the we learnt in origami at school girlies....

Step 2: Pull out the top right hand corner (towards your left) to form a triangle like in the image.

Step 3: Turn over to the other side of the triangle and fold the left side of the square in to look so as in the image.

Step 4: Now turn the right side back to your left to form a double layered rectangle in the centre of the triangle. This forms the seat of the nappy.

Step 5: Pull both the ears of the triangle in to look as in the image. Your nappy is almost ready...

Step 6: Now get a safe baby nappy pin. Fold the seat and flaps together and pin them up. Your neat Nappy is ready!

If you loved origami at school I'm sure you'll make better looking ones than mine!

P.S.: Miss u in these moments, my lovely Mumma..I'm sure if you were around you'd be the one to initiate me to such stuff. Love you always....