Friday, August 27, 2010

My WISHlist Fall 2010..:))

The new fashion season is being heralded the world over..
And almost every third fashion blog seems to be talking about it..
And now the fashion bug has got to me too.
I was oggling some exquisite pieces online and on T.V.  That's when I decided it was time again to make a fresh new wishlist..
Maybe the lord above will read this 'LUCK by CHANCE' and grant me these small little goodies for all the good deeds that I do..hehehhe

The Hugo Boss Black Women's Fall Collection 2010 have brought out great outfits with structured cuts. And there are 2 looks I've really fallen for.

Take the cue here, soft, flowy and subtle prints teamed with structured cuts looks super fab!
I'm still drooling over that belt..

These seem very wearable and can make even the most drab girl next door begin to look like a diva. They are easily achievable looks too sans the gloves in India ofcourse..:) !

I was watching Fashion T.V. just last night and I went head over heels over this Roberto Cavalli dress from the Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2010 collection showcase...

And this Jumpsuit, my heart beats wildly for...
It looks so comfy and it has got attitude..It's just so grrrrr!!
Maybe I wouldn't clutter the look with so many scarves and accessories.. :D and still manage to look fine in it..:)
Absolutely gaga over these Patanella Booties from Aldo's Fall 2010 offerings..SInce I am a 'flats' person.
This Prada Bag from its 2010 Fall range is THE bag I now dream of. Even if i could lay my hand on a look alike, NOW ....

These are the toppers on MY wishlist but that doesn't mean I dint like the rest.
 If you are planning to gift me ANY of these or even the rest, they are more than welcome too! hehehhe...:D 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wild is me!

They say the warm weather brings our inner animal out of hibernation. And Saturday Nights are HOT indeed at Smokies, Pune's First BrewHouse and Liquid Buffet Place. So the party animal in me decided to get up and go bold! :D

WARNING: These pics have been clicked after a round of Mango flavoured, freshly brewed Doolally Beer and sumptuous dinner. Please pardon if I appear zoned out at some places..hehehe..:P

After shaking a leg and all the booty possible to the groovy music, the soft luscious lawns beckoned to me.
So I sit down!

And the nocturnal animal gets to some meditation....;) :D

Who dares disturb this Yogi??? :P

What I'm wearing:
 Animal Print Silk Shirt - Hong Kong (Yes, the 2nd Fashion Capital of the World. :D)
Black Straight Fit Jeans- Gant,
Necklace: gift from Kuwait
Earrings- thrifted
Bangle: Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Mumbai
Snake skin leather ballerinas: Aldo

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Inky Pink

One Sunday Brunch at Hardrock Cafe my friend decides to dress in pink and white. And that reminds the foody in me of only one thing. A tall glass of Strawberry and Cream..:D

Say HELLO to Miss Pink!
You may just see her quite often here. She is quite a fashion victim like myself and is equally crazy about being on both sides of the cam'. :D Rather she's a tad bit crazier I could say.
Don't miss the hairdo. ;)

Pink is one of the many colours her real name is available in! Hehehhehe.
Any guesses what might be Ms. Pink's real name ? :P

Call her by any other name, she wouldn't look less sweet, would she?.
 I'm not promising any PRIZE for a good guess but do give it a try!!! :D

She's wearing Inky Pink top from Iran, Pants: Pune Central, Bangles: gift from Kuwait, Earrings: thrifted, Hello Kitty Bag: Mahabaleshwar Market
Venue: HardRock Cafe, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dhoti Pants

Yes, I've fallen for the Dhoti Pants too..:))
These pants have been around since the last season but I managed to locate one that suits my style, finally.
As in the print is the way I like it and the fit is comfy too.

I teamed the Pants with a black, full sleeved knitted Turtle neck as you can see. It was perfect for a drive down to Lonavala on a chilly rainy evening..;)
 Disco bangles and earrings to compliment the Pants.

The ideal length of these dhoti pants is just above the ankle. However since the time this style arrived on the scene it has been explored to the ends again. You can now spot these Dhoti styled pants with extra-deep crotch depth and contrasting tapers too. The front or side zippers, buttoned ends variations are also available. I've also found Wrap-around style Dhoti pants but I prefer mine, the smocked ones! Easy to pull on and ultra comfy.
These pants are apt for travelling or to sport  the cool casual look at a picnic say!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

D for Dessert

Am not such a culinary genius but I love to cook. And I have a sweet tooth. No teeth in fact..:P
So no meal is done without a wee bit of dessert at the end. You'll can feast your eyes on one of the desserts I attempted ..

The twin layered fruit troufle. Bottom of the goblet is a layer of strawberry jelly topped with vanilla custard and loaded with fruits.  I delight in the smallest achievements and I'm aware that this isn't exactly a work of art but D for Dessert in any form is absolute heaven right?

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love my India

‎31 states 1618 Languages, 6400 Castes, 6 Religion, 29 major Festivals &ONE COUNTRY
so an extended celebration of the 63rd Independence Day at my blog.

What did I wear to salute the Tricolour on 15th August 2010?

And my gal pal wore the tricolours this way! :))

You can check out my previous ode to Independence Day here

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

My latest acquisition right from the land of the beautiful Goddess Quan Yin is a neat pair of embroidered pants.
The highlight of these bell-bottomed pants is the neat and intricate embroidery pattern in bright colours. Am so much in love with these pants that I just hunt for an occasion to flaunt them.
Then I think what better way than to put it up here for your appreciation?
Please feel free to rate it for me..
HOT  ;) ya NOT ???

This post also comes right in time to celebrate Independence Day.

 So wearing an orange from the Tri-colour teamed with Mandarin Pants from China
 I think Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai? :))

I'm wearing: Blue Diamond Lee Cooper Tee, Mandarin Pants, Coral Earrings- Vintage, Rudraksha and orange bead Necklace - Vintage, Ballerinas- Citywalk, Bangles-thrifted

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dots & Nets

Since the time Coco Chanel transformed BLACK into a fashion statement, the little black dress has become a quintessential element of every girl's wardrobe. Here's revisiting a little black dress with another fashion favourite; the dots. My friend here chooses to wear it with fish net stockings and basic black pumps.
By her personal fashion sense, she goes blingless.
 It's Vibzy's touch there that she sports those bangles in one of the shots!  ;)
I'm sure this is going to net a lot of hearts for her!! What say you??