Tuesday, August 17, 2010

D for Dessert

Am not such a culinary genius but I love to cook. And I have a sweet tooth. No teeth in fact..:P
So no meal is done without a wee bit of dessert at the end. You'll can feast your eyes on one of the desserts I attempted ..

The twin layered fruit troufle. Bottom of the goblet is a layer of strawberry jelly topped with vanilla custard and loaded with fruits.  I delight in the smallest achievements and I'm aware that this isn't exactly a work of art but D for Dessert in any form is absolute heaven right?


Tanvi said...

It looks delicious! :) I love strawberries so this is very tempting!

Roger Owen Green said...

looks D-Licious! love strawberries!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

style'n said...

that looks yummy! :)

Vibhuti said...

@ Tanvi, I feel one with you on this..veryyyy much! Thanks a ton again....:D

@ ROG: so happy to see you visited my blog and loved what I presented..:)) Happy!!

@ Naina: Happy you liked it. Am visiting yours now! :D

The Goddess of Boho said...

Wheee! If this is so amazing to look at, I wonder what it would taste like! :D

P.S. Do particpate in the giveaway on my blog.



Anonymous said...

waise tho i dont like custard but koi aise present kare tho mashalaah main bhi bakasur ban jaoo :P
yummylicious vibzzyyyy

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