Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Inky Pink

One Sunday Brunch at Hardrock Cafe my friend decides to dress in pink and white. And that reminds the foody in me of only one thing. A tall glass of Strawberry and Cream..:D

Say HELLO to Miss Pink!
You may just see her quite often here. She is quite a fashion victim like myself and is equally crazy about being on both sides of the cam'. :D Rather she's a tad bit crazier I could say.
Don't miss the hairdo. ;)

Pink is one of the many colours her real name is available in! Hehehhehe.
Any guesses what might be Ms. Pink's real name ? :P

Call her by any other name, she wouldn't look less sweet, would she?.
 I'm not promising any PRIZE for a good guess but do give it a try!!! :D

She's wearing Inky Pink top from Iran, Pants: Pune Central, Bangles: gift from Kuwait, Earrings: thrifted, Hello Kitty Bag: Mahabaleshwar Market
Venue: HardRock Cafe, Koregaon Park, Pune.


Vib said...


supergirls said...

hey babes is awsome ....
i love it! sexy hot pink!
i love the dress , earings , bags etc.
your bolg rocks and i just love it!
its the best .....
keep it up! :)

UB said...

I love pink!! Pink and white combo can never look bad..

Tanvi said...

She is quite a stunner! :)

Prutha said...

love the ahir and the makup

Anonymous said...

oh brilliant brilliant :d
i love pink
and madamoiselle is definitely Pretty in Pink :D
and lovely hairstyle to go with it
the curls seem to go so well with the cut of the top :D

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