Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dot your Eyes and Cross your Hearts

As a tiny tot we were reminded time and again " DOT your 'I's and Cross your 'T's" weren't we?
Even then the words 'DOT' and 'CROSS' made a completely different meaning in my head.
I just loved the Polka dotted dress waiting for me at home while I sat in class in that same boring uniform everyday of school. CROSS my heart I have loved Polka Dots all my life..:D
I have a perfectly darling Black and White Polka dotted off shoulder little dress waiting in my cupboard..Its waiting for me to fit back into it..SIGH!
It will take some time for me to shed this post-baby bulge and reclaim that hour glass figure to sport such a lovely dress..BUT I REFUSE to give it away! :|
What say guys? I will fit right back into it some day, right?
Until then I will 'EYE' other polka dotted dresses and the hot bod's wearing them..

What She's Wearing : 
Chiffon polka Dotted Off Shoulder Dress- Gifted ;) (You lucky girl!)
Matt Golden Peep-Toes- Bandra
Lapel Vest- Paris


UB said...

I heart polka dots! Love what she is wearing..and yeah lucky she, coz it's gifted. I would really love to see one of your pics in your dress too..soon :)

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

You are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

ooooo lala--the fashion bugs captured some good numbers here!
heehee i was the gifter-i like i like!
u wait till u get back babe-will b very soon..n pray the same happens with meee :)

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

you look wonderful! thanks for your lovely comment, and for having me on your blogroll, I`ll be updating mine with yours this week!
take care, love, Anika

style'n said...

yes that is a very cute dress :)

Nately said...

Is the girl in the photographs you? She's very pretty!

Vibhuti said...

heyyyy dearies, Thankyou for the compliments but thats not me..This gorgeous lady was a guest at one of the parties I attended over the weekend..:D
I will ask her to check here and revel in the compliments she has bagged! :D

Bikramjit said...

whose the GIRlllllllllllll :)

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