Monday, September 6, 2010

Smoky Eyes

I have some thing to confess.
When it comes to make-up I score a big Zero.
However I do love Kohls and eye-liners.
I feel naked without earrings and the same goes for my eyes.
Without the liner and kajal I can never step out.

At the behest of a fellow blogger and follower I decided to bring something to this blog that would be helpful in grooming myself a little bit more too- A small little lesson in make-up. I just love this trend of eye make-up that  is doing the rounds. Smoky Eyes!

oooo how it makes those beautiful eyes look seductive. A whole new personality surfaces...
So here goes Rose aka Ms. Inky Pink  tells us how this is done.
She works with a very basic professional eye make-up set from Kuwait.
But you may find many lovely ones with Chambor / Maybelline she says.

Step 1. : You need a Mettalic Eye Shadows Pallet and an applicator.

Step 2 & 3: You will need to cover the eye lid and the area under the eyebrow with a base of the metallic white you see in the left top corner of the pallet. 
Then only the top of the eyelid gets a coat of the lightest shade of silver on the pallet ( Top right corner) And the eye will look like this..

Step 4: Then proceed to apply the darker shade of silver on the eye-lid (Centre of the vertical row of silvers in the right hand corner of the eye make-up set)
Moving the applicator from the inside corner of the eye to the outside in smooth strokes but stop in the middle of the eye. Like this..

 We are trying to achieve a gradation of shades from dark to light metallic silver beginning from the inner corner of the eye-lid to the outer corner.

Step 5:   Then take the darkest charcoal silver shade on your applicator and apply it on the inner corner of the eye-lid with smooth but short strokes. Like this..


Now we are almost done. She has taught me the simplest method of achieving the smoky eyed look.

Step 6: Give the finishing touches with a wet waterproof eye-liner . Trace the shape of your eye on the upper eye-lid and from the outside on the lower eye-lid and it will look like this...

Step 7: She shapes the brow with a black Givenchi kajal pencil to enhance the smoky look and to refine the shape.

And our model Riya Alizadeh looks like this..

Wearing a day eye make-up  done in a similar style but working with lighter shades Riya looked like this....

She is pretty, isn't she?


Pretty Woman said...

Lovely! Very well illustrated post Vibs :) The model is uber-cute! :)

Deeps!! said...

thank u!! i survive on eye make-up only..and this sure helped!! :D

Vibs- love the snake ring!! So,if the hands and the ring belong to you or Riya!! Kudos!! Awesomeness redefined! :) and yes..Riya is super pretty!! :)

Sakhi Shah said...

Nicely illustrated...and very helpful, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

brilliaanttt Vibbzyyyy... :D
and badaaannggg.. this sounds and looks soo simple and i was breakin my head over this :(
and yes Riyaa looksss supersplendorous :D
thaaaankk uuuu soooooo mucchhh...
mwaahhsss <3

supergirls said...

hey vibz its the best!
i love it alot ..
tooo sexy ... ;)
love u alot .. mwahhhhhhh

supergirls said...

cool 1

Leia said...

She looks so lovely with smoky eyes!


Prutha said...

love it!!! and love the glittery effect too instead of a matt somkey eye

UB said...

Aaahh...smoky eyes..looks really stunning!

Vibhuti said...

Thankuthanku thankuuuu guys... Youll are most welcome..Am happy that ths post is liked by youll and Riya is happier that she's recieved sooo many wonderful compliments..:D
TC my lovelies ..<3

supergirls said...

hey every1 thansk alot for ur comment as vibzy said im seriously very happy!
thanks alot once again! mwahhhhh :D

style'n said...

very nice! I need someone to come over and do the smokey eye for me.

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