Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleepy Stripes

Yesterday my gal pal and I set off on a shopping spree again..
And on the way was this luscious green garden that we couldn't resist ...
SO we went off on a stroll here to shake off the SLEEPY feeling after a tummy full of yummy food.

It had just rained and the earth was wet, the leaves greener and the skies in beautiful hues...
Looks like I'm wearing all the colours of the bright blue sky..:D


My gal pal has done a wonderful job from behind the cam.

And look who stopped by to smell the flowers?





 Here Ive not had enough of myself..
So she has to click some more..:))

I was wearing:
  • Striped Tee- Flicked from hubby's closet, 
  • Disco Bangles- F.C.Road,
  • Plastic finger ring and earrings- thrifted, 
  • Handbag- Clover Centre, M.G. Road, Camp, Pune
  • Flat Peep-toes- Sagar Arcade, F.C. Road, Pune
  • Smile brought on my face by my lil son..:D See?


Jidhu Jose said...

gorgeous......I like the colour

Anonymous said...

Nice combination Vibz.. Love the handbag.. :)

Tanvi said...

Love it! :) Looking great :)

supergirls said...

hey vibz lovely combination!
i love blue alot and this 1 rocks ...
i love everythin what u've done!
u rock girl ...
keep goin!

Dusk said...

Vibz!!!! you gorgeous woman you!!!

Love the look, these colours on you, your Devi hair, graceful hands and beautiful smile... and your darling child!!

Bikramjit said...

bahut sohna hai ji

Maubrey said...

Thanks for Visiting and dropping your valuable comments on my blog

Am always greatful to u and your blog

My blog has been update, though my english is not good, read and drop ur comments in a free manner


Sidra Sayeed said...

black and blue is always a nice combination/
I just stumbled upon your blog as I was reading someone else's :)

style'n said...

Thanks for the very sweet comment on my blog today.

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