Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Pink

Here's a cute little friend I have who aspires to be a top Bollywood actress some day....
She may not be a native Indian but her heart belongs here and how?!
Mention Bollywood and she can show you some dance moves that even our divas will be stupefied..
And I am not exaggerating...
Here's the baby in her favourite colour PINK...:)

                                                   Pink & White can never go wrong can it?

   I've always believed the sweet innocence and naivety within shows through one's eyes. What do you think?
Simplicity can go a long way some times. She made the simple school girl look work didn't she?
She wore a 'Just Casuals' whit shirt with a Baby Pink knee length skirt and Converse. A dash of pink accessories and she was good to go...:D


UB said...

Well I am typically the one who loves pink in everything! Recently I've been so obsessed with pink, my apartment has turned into a "PINK" nation..

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