Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Fashion 2010 inspired

I've been experimenting with my wardrobe a lot over the past few months. And like a confirmation to continue doing that, a couple of fashion students caught up with me at Koregaon Park. I soon realised they were complimenting me on my style and then requested me if I could answer a few of their questions as regards the fresh fashion trends.
This doesn;t happen to me everyday so I was mighty pleased with myself and flattered too..hehehehe :))

Now my confidence about the experimental look i was wearing that day has risen a notch higher and so I am about to share it with you...

Inspiration: Adam Lippes Design for Adam Fall fashion 2010

High waisted Jodhpur pants. Ofcourse it looked a whole lot different on me.

I am wearing  Black button front high waist Jodhpur pants: M.G.Road, Camp, Pune.
 Purple Body fit Lycra top:  GANT, Mumbai
Golden Metal wristlets: thrifted- Crawford Market, Mumbai
Purple earrings & Black bead necklace: thrifted - F.C.Road, Pune

By day I chose to wear this outfit with Oshos

                        And thought I could sport the look for a casual Friday evening Dinner
                        with this pair of Marie Claire Flat Pumps.

Please ignore my ugly feet!!!

Now its for you, my fashionista friends to tell me if this look


PS: The Marble Floor effect is handmade oil colour print on paper by ME..:D


Vintage Obsession said...

Vibhuthi !!!!!!!!!! i want those trousers so bad , i love the frills the waist band has :) hotness:)

Vibhuti said...

Hey Smrithi,
so happy to know you liked it..:D
They are really cool and are available in vibrant colors here...:))
Tell me how should I send you one???

Pretty Woman said...

LOVE it! Looks like they can camouflage the danger thighs too? ;-) Do i get one shipped too? Pretty please?

Vibhuti said...

Hey Janaa,
Yes, they do! :D
I'm messaging you..:))

style'n said...

very cute pictures. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Guess you are right about boots and the weather there. the flats look adorable.

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