Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have SAGS!

If you are reading this since you are intrigued to know about SAGS then you are tagged.

And YES. I have sinned against gender stereotypes again and again and again.
I had been tagged before but I was in no mood to confess.Sorry!
But now that I've been tagged once again I seem to be compelled to go ahead and spill it all out. :)
Thanks MAKK

My list of Sins Against Gender Stereotypes, I confess herein below:

1. Though I went to an all girls Convent school and College, I have always been a hardcore TomBoy.
 My Chaddi Buddys were two brothers and they were my closest friends till I entered my teens. I literally grew up like one of their kind. My only name-sake 'girl' friends were twins and I was never on their wavelengths. I hated it when the two sisters got into cat-fights and I had to act like their refree.

2.  As a kid I was a dark, tall and lanky girl sporting a boy cut. So I easily gelled in with the guys and people who didnt know us mostly never noticed that I was a girl playing with the boys.The game I have thoroughly enjoyed as a kid was 'Gully Cricket' with my boy gang. I stood taller than most boys of my age and often managed to boss over them. I was thus always the Captain of my cricket team.

3. I have a huge collection of HotWheels Cars with a petrol pump set up and garage. I still treasure them. I hated Barbie dolls but did possess 3 out of peer pressure from those twins. I felt very silly though attending the girl's Barbie Doll partys.

4. I had never entered the kitchen until after my mother passed away. When she was around I dint help her in the kitchen at all. In fact I dint even know how the gas knobs were operated and was clueless about boiling water too.

5. Though I was obviously very Tom Boyish at my school too, I never felt like I was fish out of water. In fact I took all my boyish talents and tales of my escapades to school and had quite a fan following there. I walked the ramp dressed like a guy at inter-school fashion shows and danced as the male in the pair at inter-school dance competitions. I also compered shows at school functions dressed in blazers acting as the male host!

6. I adore Men's perfumes and after shave lotions more than the girly floral ones.

7. I dont like wearing punjabi suits excpet for extremely ethnic occassions like at Diwali. I still dont know how to drape the saree on my own and thus I dont prefer wearing one to weddings.

8. I hate to gossip with the gals and feel left out when there is too much girly chatter around since I can never contribute much. My topics of discussion and interest still remain guyish till date, mostly cars, cell phones, etc.

9. I hate to attend kitty partys and regret attending the few pajama partys I'd attended in my school days.

10. At partys you'll find me grooving BINDASS to the music. I cant be the coy, demure, seductive girl on the dance floor. I love to ROCK it!!!

11. I love Black Stallions and dream of learning to ride a horse some day and maybe own a ranch myself! :))

This Tag is open to all my readers. Go ahead and confess!
Have you SAGS too?


Makk said...

:)...Lanky..tall..and at the time ..girl too


Men's perfumes and after shaves, one was nice yar..

Indian Home Maker said...

Vibhuti, I think it's great when we can be ourselves without worrying about what we are expected to be.

SO if a girl likes to play with dolls that's her interest, if she prefers hotwheels - that's her interest too.

This tag has proved that men and women love to do thousands of things the society thinks they should not. In my school no boys could take Biology (to study medicine) - it was seen as a girlie thing, and even girls who were good at Math didn't take maths because they thought girls could not become Engineers!

Some excellent athletes also missed opportunities because they were girls :(

I feel it's best to just be ourselves and not care for what some other people think we should be, and for that one can proudly SAGS :)

Vibhuti said...

Hey IHM,
absolutely thankful to you for triggering such a wonderful tag. Most intelligent one in long times.
I really feel blessed that I could be what I always wanted to be and was never measured up against other boys and girls..
Am definitely not a stereotype! :D

Deeps!! said...

tooo cool tooo cool!!! :D :D

I forgot to write about my craze for men's perfumes n deos in my SAGS post!

I always steal my boyfriend's perfume.. :P

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