Saturday, July 24, 2010

I dig Cardigans

After that very TomBoyish post I am going girly with pinks now.

It's raining outside and if it isn't raining there's a nice and cool breeze blowing.
Just the right time to dawn a cardigan I say!

I am wearing:

Giordano Baby Pink Cashmere Cardigan,
Striped singlet thrifted from Goa,
Denim Capris from Canton fair at China,
Rado Jubile watch (borrowed from my better half),
Disco bangles- thrifted at F.C.Road, Pune
Gucci replica shoulder bag- Hong Kong
Earrings- Westside
Necklace- thrifted from Fashion Street, Mumbai
White Peep-toes- Sagar Arcade, F.C.Road, Pune.


Anonymous said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeee.. girly pink :D :P
loved those peeptoes :D
they look sooo cute :D :D
way to go Vibzyy :D

Vibhuti said...

Thanx soo much Megzy,
See I can be girly too..hehehehe..:D
Yeah these are the first pair of peep-toes that have managed to makemy ugly feet look somewhat girlish! :))

magiceye said...

lovely photography too!

Vibhuti B said...

Really? Thanku.
Still to get as magical as yours! :D

Dusk said...

I LOVE the disco bangles and i LOVE these shades of pink on you!
...that 2nd photo, with the watch... it's got a lot of attitude! a real fashion shot!

Vibhuti said...

hey Dusk,
Thanks again..
yeah ive picked up a bunch of those bangles in different colours.. Am in love with them too..:))
Its been quite a trick clicking these photos of myself...:D So these compliments mean a lottt!

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