Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More delicious Lady's Fingers!?

When its cloudy and dark outside, you needn't be gloomy inside.
Bright nail colours are here. Painting your nails with bright Matte colours is IN.
And it is also an instantaneously effective way to lift your spirit on a gloomy, rainy day.
SO if you are at work or stranded at home, see that you have a bottle of one of these colours handy..And paint way...

However see that you are not sporting too loud and disturbing colours on your nails at meetings, conferences and other formal occassions at work. Try mettalic shades of gold, white, bronze and graphite.)
Before, I usually wore nail colours that suited my skin tone, selecting them very cautiously. An they were mostly neutrals and mettalics but this time the trend is to let go off all inhbitions and go wild with these extremely zanny shades. And you may even wear a contrasting colour to your outfit highlighting your fingers, without a care!

This Mango shade is one of the wildest Ive sported this season besides the neon green I dared to wear the other day. You can see one of the other available shades of green on my friends long, fair, slender fingers.

The photographs are not doing full justice. You would find that the nails looked even more awesome if you saw it in person. I tried an electric Blue shade with a single swish of sparkle on top, on my nails the other night. We are both wearing Black and these colourful nails just made us look more chic!

Following these nail trends will give a new lease to your fashion sense and will also speak a lot about your personality. SO go ahead and indulge.  Make 'em look more delicious!  


Anonymous said...

loved the green more than orange :D
orange somehow remnds me of FANTA :P
more orangy so no no :D
green rocks :D

Bikramjit said...

is that true for MEN too :)

Vibhuti said...

Hehehe Megz,
See what I mean? Colours maketh a personality ..
And you have to explore to know which one calls you towards more..:))

Vibhuti said...

Bikky Saab,
I was talking abt Lady's fingers but you are most welcome to try it! You can go all the way with the SAGS..:))

Tanvi said...

The green looks fabulous to me. I just got my nails done and they are Neon Pink! :) Any thoughts? :)

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