Friday, July 23, 2010

S(u)rge of DeNimes again!!!

Originally made in Nimes, France Denims have been in use in America ever since the 18th Century and now Denim Shirts are back in vogue by the trend alert given by my style guru Smrithi Rao at Vintage Obsessions. 

So what I promptly did was, salvage my Denim Shirt from the back of my wardrobe and go Retro too.
I decided to team it up with my favpurite pair of fatigues.

I put the look together with Levis Jean Shirt, Rifle Fatigue Pants, Grey Singlet, Tissot Sea Touch Smart Watch, Vintage Silver neck band, Vintage Silver and pearl earrings


magiceye said...

wonderfully done!!
had not seen this blog earlier!

Anonymous said...

aaww.. brilliant one :D
Vibzyy.. the look on ur face in the first one bindaas ekdum roadie type :D :D

Deeps!! said...

love the look..!! u look like a roughie! ( if that qualifies as a word) and a good one at that!!!

n Denims are sure in...!

n o ya... SUPER LOVE the Vintage Silver Neck Band!!!

Vibhuti B said...

Hey Thanku guys!
I was this complete tomboy till my teens. So the denims and Fatigues gave me a chance to revisit that avatar..hehehe

supergirls said...

hey vibzy i love the look on your face a alot ....
pix are rockin and very excitin!
i love it love love love it alottttttttttttt!
now i'm the biggest & #1 fan on your blog :D

Vibhuti said...

Hey SuperGirls,
Am glad to know that someone has liked my blogpost so much. And am thrilled to have such a great fan in you..Flattered in fact. Hopeto serve you nicer posts soon again..Till then TC

Dusk said...

hahahahhaahhahaha!!! brilliant title!!

Love the look hon...very Lara Croft!!

AND I LOVE the look of the blog! The colours, the banner, layout, everything!

Vibhuti said...

Whoa!!! Dusk Devi, you just made me day. COming from a gorgeous fashionista like you, these are compliements that will stay with me for some time! Thanks you soooooo much...
Am flying...yeeheehee

Anonymous said...


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