Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Tag to flaunt

3 Famous Names of Mine




3 Things that Scare Me


Wriggly, slimy, slithering or even those flying, pests!

Looking down from great heights.

3 Things which make me Smile

My son’s toothy smile

Comments at my blog

Surprise gifts..:D

3 Things that I Love

Cooking for my family and friends

Pursuing my hobbies/passions


3 Things that I Hate

Unending household chores

Liars & Brag-a- mouths & people who talk a lot but never listen.

Being in the Dark

3 Things I don’t understand


How people can stick to a regime and diet?

Why Himesh Reshammiya doesn’t stop singing?

3 Things I’m doing right now

Wondering what next?


Listening to my one year old snore..:D

3 Things I can’t do




3 Things I think you should listen to

Your heart

Your loved ones

Music of course (definitely not Himesh Reshammiya!)

3 Shows I watched as a Kid



Derek (there were hoards and many more but these presently came to my mind.)

3 Things I want in a Relationship



Security (Strictly in that order)

3 Things of the Opposite Sex that appeal to me


Sense of humour


3 Favorite Fictitious Characters


Tom& Jerry (Incomplete without each other)

Nancy Drew

3 of my Favorite Hobbies


Philately/ Coin collection

Watching movies of all possible entertaining genres.

3 Beverages I drink regularly

A mug full of white tea for breakfast

Sky Juice through the day (ie. Water..I know I know that’s a PJ)

Real fruit juices.

3 Things I like about myself

My expressive eyes.

My multifaceted multi- talented personality. :D

My will power.

3 Things I hate about myself

My temper

I’m an over emotional person.

I’m gullible and not shrewd. (A negative trait for survival in today’s times)

3 Things I’m wearing right now

I’m wearing my hair down today.  :)

My fav’ river water pearl earrings

Nail paint.

2 Truths and a Lie:

Success is relative.

More the success, more the relatives.

I’m successful!

3 People I pass this TAG to

Smrithi Rao

Janani Satyajit



Vintage Obsession said...

Thanks Vibhuti :) will try and does this as well, once i get over my laziness :)

Deeps!! said...

Hey.. thank u!! :D I was having a block abt what to post next..!! U gave the answer!! Will take this up.. soon! :)

Pretty Woman said...

Will do it soon...when I get some time :) Enjoyed reading yours! :)

Deeps!! said...

Hey!! Did the Tag.. also have something waiting for you.. over at my blog!! :) Do visit!!

Bikramjit said...

ahmm ahmm ahmmm Things of the Opposite Sex that appeal to me
ah well TOO Late now ch ch ch ch tstk tsk tsk ...

I loved the mahabharta tooo, i stil lwatch it sometimes when it comes as a repeat on these freeview channcels ...

Dusk said...

This is a lovely tag list! I Love getting to know other bloggers through lists like this Vibz... we have a few things in common too! I loved Nancy Drew!!!
...and wow... you really don't like this Himesh guy huh?? kyu??

Do you mind if I use this tag in one of my posts? I know that's not the done thing, you didn't tag me but I like this one and I will link back to you of course!!

I hope you are well lovely!

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