Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Summer Fashion accessories are fun, chic and colourful this season, again!
Glam trends continue to ruminate on the big, funky & chunky types. Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la renta, Gucci, and Lanvin all spiced up their Spring runways with an accessories overload of oversized baubles. And following the fashion clue they’ve triggered, I hoarded on my favourites too- Bangles!
These large, coloured Vegetable Dye Wooden Bangles and Metal, Acrylic & Resin bangles are easily available in tempting variety at almost every accessory shops in metros. 

This one is a prize catch for me. Picked it up at WestSide. Observe the beautiful grainy layer in the Mica used in the bangle. Never found another piece, like this one again!

 The Boho-chic look is in! Put it together for a glamorous party-time with these shiny, funky bangles that can spruce up any outfit and make the right style statement for the eve'!

One of my other favourite look is that you can put together with some animal-print accesories, like this..

 Take your pick that best suits your style. These chunky bangles go well with almost any and every clothing style. Wear them single or pair them up or better still, rack them up on your wrist in vibrant combinations and make heads turn!


Vintage Obsession said...

omg!! yeah yeah :) its always such a pleasure when a fellow indian fashionblog's:))
P.S you always have the sweetest things to say:))

Vintage Obsession said...

P.P.S would love to see wear your beloved skirt as a dress :))

Vibhuti B said...

Aww Smrithi u remembered..Thanks!! Ill try to post as interesting stuff as my guruji does..Cant promise! :(
Hope 2 c u again..:D

Pretty Woman said...

Really enjoyed reading this babe...I love chunky bangles too...sadly don't get a chance to wear them here too often! Keep the posts coming!

Vibhuti B said...

Aaah Janaa..
thanks for visiting...I was looking forward to hearing from u..And when were u not a good girl?!!!

Harini said...

I love love love them! I really enjoyed reading this :)

Vibhuti B said...

O Harini, thats so sweet of you to say that...Yes arent Bangles a very delicious part of a Lady's ensemble?

Milan Mehta said...

Great post and pictures of bangles Vibhuti. Sounds like you are a fashionista


bollywoodstylediaries said...

love the bangles in the last pic..cute blog..


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