Friday, June 12, 2009

The Milkshake of India: LASSI

How to make Sweet Lassi:
Put 500 ml Curd, 250 ml Water,4 tbsp Sugar and Crushed Ice into the blender. Blend til the mixture gives a thick froth.
Pour the Sweet Lassi into tall glasses and it's ready to serve.
Flavored Lassi with rosewater or lemon, mango, strawberry are also a big hit.
Perfect coolers for the hot Indian weather.
(Particularly my favourite)
Lassi trivia: (courtesy wikipedia)
A drink in Turkey also made with yoghurt and water and similar in taste is called 'Ayran'.
In Iran its called 'Doogh'.


Sourav C. Pandey said...

I really don't care about the name or the way to make it, I like the drink though .. it gets me HIGH!! :D

Doogh is goodh ;)

Sourav :)

Hitesh said...

ooooooo......this would the one of the best drink i have ever had.....cause i don't drink.....

I was a lassi crazy in Delhi.....especially when the sun hits at 45*C ......

i have found one good place in Bangalore too,...they call it the Lassi bar........nice name.....

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